Tuition Discount

Full-time employees (defined as those working 100%), their spouses, and their dependent children are eligible to receive a tuition discount at any of the University of Arkansas campuses: the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, the University of Arkansas at Monticello and the community colleges in Helena, Batesville, Hope, Morrilton, Fort Smith and DeQueen.  Click HERE to apply for the discount or to approve as a manager.


You may take any combination of undergraduate or graduate semester credit hours up to 11 credit hours during the Fall and Spring semesters and up to three hours during each summer term or six credit hours at UAMS if only one  summer term is offered.

Your discount is 90% off the full cost of tuition at UAMS, 70% off of the full cost of tuition at any other University of Arkansas campus. Professional education programs (Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy) are excluded from the discount.

Some programs may offer a partial discount. Check with the college you are attending if you have questions about which programs are eligible for the discount. Effective fall semester of 2015, the UAMS College of Public Health has discontinued their policy of providing tuition discount to U of A employees and their dependents. 


Your spouse and unmarried, dependent children may take up to 132 undergraduate semester credit hours at a discount. They receive a 50% discount off the normal tuition rate at UAMS, 40% off of full tuition at other University of Arkansas campuses. All enrollees must meet normal admission requirements and auditing courses will be approved on a space available basis only.

Dependent Child – The qualifying dependent child must be considered a dependent child by the Internal Revenue Service and cannot attain the age of 24 during the calendar year to receive a tuition discount for any term within that calendar year per the Internal Revenue Service. The student must also be enrolled as a full time student for at least 5 months in the calendar year to qualify as a dependent child per the IRS for the discount. For a complete definition of dependent please visit


Step-by-Step Instructions for Employee
Step-by-Step Instruction for Supervisors

Complete and submit the online tuition discount form at least two weeks prior to registration. Some schools including UALR and some of the UAMS colleges WILL NOT accept online forms received after the registration deadline. Check with the college you are attending if you have questions regarding deadline dates or refer to your school’s academic calendar for final registration dates.

Employees will need their UAMS domain login and password.  All students will need their student ID and course information (course prefix, course number, course name, CRN#, credit hours, days/times of classes).  This information can be found in the course schedule.

Please click on the link below and select Employee if you are a full-time (100%) employee who is requesting a discount at an approved college or university.  Please select Spouse & Dependent of Employee if you are a spouse or dependent of a UAMS employee (100% full-time employee) requesting a discount.

Once submitted correctly the employee should see the message “Request submitted. Waiting for approval” on the screen.  This indicates that the employee form has been submitted to the employee’s supervisor and is waiting for approval.  The dependent/spouse form will be sent to the employee and is waiting for approval by the employee.

Once the supervisor/employee has approved the discount form, the employee should receive an email notification from ASKHR@UAMS.EDU.  The supervisor’s approval will send the employee’s request directly to the campus you have selected.  The employee’s approval will forward the dependent/spouse discount directly to the requested campus.  All discounts are applied directly at the college/university.  The UAMS Office of Human Resources does not apply any tuition discounts to the student’s account.

Employees, dependents, and/or spouses should click here to apply for the UAMS tuition discount.

In order to expedite the process, please make sure that all of the information on the form is complete. Incomplete forms may be rejected and will delay the process.  For questions or concerns please contact the Office of Human Resources at 501-686-5650. Or email: ASKHR@UAMS.EDU.

Per Act 605 of 2009, Arkansas higher education students must  complete a release of student information consent form.   Send the appropriate form below directly to the attending campus, not to our office.

Check with the college you are attending if you have questions or need information about the current semester’s deadlines at the various colleges.


Please check with your school for the deadline to submit a request for tuition discount each semester.

New: eVersity – University of Arkansas System new online school.  Click here for more information.  Employee tuition discount can be applied.

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