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Professional development enables all of us to perform more effectively in our current and future positions, increases employee engagement, and allows UAMS to achieve its goal of creating comfort, hope, and healing with our patients, families, and each other.

2015 Training Catalog

The following items are a list of our trainings along with their descriptions. If you need information for current room and time schedules, or to register for a course please refer to  Training Tracker.  Should you encounter a problem while using Training Tracker please contact . Locations located off campus who wish to participate and obtain information via IVN please go to If you wish to obtain information regarding room locations for off campus IVN events please contact Ms. Sharniece Hughes at For employees located on the ACH campus, all sessions will be broadcast via IVN.  Please contact Kinsey Carr ( for room information.


OD: Barnga – An Intercultural Experience

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 2 Hours;  Audience: General Interested in learning about different cultures? Like an opportunity to participate in a cross-cultural activity? Wondering if you can become more aware of cultural differences and behaviors? Come explore all this and more as we create an experience for you to discover different aspects of intercultural awareness, cross-cultural socialization, challenges in dealing with different patient audiences and diversity management. This will be a lecture-free training session and 100% participation. This course is offered in collaboration with the Campus Diversity Manager.

OD: Behavioral Interviewing

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: Managers This training will guide you through the process of how to structure behavioral interviews including which questions are appropriate and not appropriate to ask and how to elicit meaningful responses. You will also learn how to communicate expectations of the job position during the interview and gain an understanding that the interview process is a time to market the organization to everyone your interviewing. NOTE: This training is also available as a Live Webinar.

OD: Build a Better Mouse Trap – An Introduction to Performance Excellence at UAMS

Offered: Monthly (Tentative); Duration: 3.5 Hours; Audience: General Performance Excellence, an institution-encompassing effort to examine work processes for improvement in efficiency and reducing waste is starting — and employees on the frontlines will be enlisted to help lead the way. It applies business process improvement strategies from the Lean Six Sigma philosophies for reduced waste in effort and resources. Come receive an introduction and practice tools such as 5S, WORMPIIT.

OD: Change Management

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: General The immortal words of Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changin’” and Buffalo Springfield, “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…” certainly apply to UAMS. Change is one of the most important issues facing organizations today. Successful groups view change as inevitable; their emerging leaders embrace and master changes effectively. This course provides the skills, strategies and knowledge to adapt, create and implement change, and help move employees toward a new and positive direction.

OD: Communication in the Workplace

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 4 Hours; Audience: Everyone Everyone will agree that effective communication is essential to successful teams. However most of us do not spend a lot of time thinking about and improving our own communication skills. Building effective communication skills allows us to achieve a greater understanding and meaning between each other and builds a climate of trust, openness, and support.  In this workshop, participants will learn the concepts of effective interpersonal communication and develop necessary skills to communicate successfully in the workplace. Discussions will focus on understanding the nature of communication, common communication issues, and developing communication skills including empathy, perspective-taking & non-verbal behavior.

OD: Conducting Performance Evaluations that Count

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: Leaders Performance appraisals are a valuable tool for providing feedback, discussing and clarifying performance and behavioral expectations, celebrating successes, and planning for ongoing development. This workshop provides a roadmap for creating a performance appraisal cycle that counts and increases effective performance. We will discuss the process of effective performance management including performance planning, ongoing feedback, employee input, the UAMS rating systems, face-to-face review sessions, and effective performance communication. This is a mandatory training for all new UAMS leaders and is a prerequisite to the technical training, Online Performance Management – Technical Skills.

OD: Conflict Resolution

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: General In today’s workplace, conflict can be especially disruptive to the productivity, satisfaction, and safety of employees and to the overall effectiveness of the organization. In this class, you will identify conflict, your preferred conflict style, and tips for managing conflict in difficult situations. Participants will acquire skills and resources necessary to manage conflicts constructively.

OD: Developing Others

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 3 Hours; Audience: Managers Critical to employee retention and satisfaction and overall organizational success is its ability to develop employees as future leaders of the organization. This session will include topics such as planning for optimum performance, ongoing evaluation and feedback, coaching for professional development and disciplinary actions.

OD: Developing Team Standards

Offered: On Demand; Duration: 1 hour; Audience: Teams High performing teams agree on certain standards that become non-negotiables in their efforts to reach successful outcomes.  This training facilitates a step-by-step process for developing team standards, identifying communication patterns that support the standards, and discuss accountability plans. In one hour, your team can create its own standards!

OD: Discover the Possibilities – Introduction to Online Learning Interactivity

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 1.5 hours; Audience: General Does narration over PowerPoint slides spark your curiosity about a topic you are trying to learn? How can you acquire the skills you need to learn from online modules if they don’t speak to you as a learner? Come explore the possibilities of interactive, dynamic, learner-centered online teaching/training. This is an introductory course appropriate for those participating in and/or designing online courses. Come ready to discover your creativity – we won’t focus on specific authoring tools.

OD: Emotional & Social Intelligence

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 4 Hours; Audience: General Toby Keith, country singer, sings, “I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about number one…” Explore your own self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management as it relates to your work. Would you like to recognize your emotions, determine what they tell you, and realize how they affect you and the people around you before you find yourself in a situation that you are unprepared for? Recognizing and improving the connection between emotions and actions is crucial to business and personal success. Come develop and enhance the emotional, social, and relationship skills that positively impact your work; increase effective leadership skills; and build more productive relationships – and in doing so, tap into a whole new level of achievement in your career. NOTE: This training is also available as a Live Webinar.

Employee Performance Evaluation Training

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 1 Hour; Audience: Employees This training will provide employees with instructions on how to use the new Online Performance Evaluation system to complete their self-evaluation. This system will promote two-way communication between the employee and manager, foster positive change and increase momentum toward achieving individual and organizational goals.

OD: Generational Diversity and Inclusion

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: Everyone Our UAMS family currently consists of four divergent generations and – wait for it – number five is on the way! With five generations working together to accomplish our goals, leveraging generational diversity to improve team performance is increasingly challenging. Generational diversity also creates opportunities for innovation, increased productivity, and high performing teams. This workshop examines the five generations, how each is identified and defined, strengths and limitations in each generation, how each generation views change, authority, and work/ life balance, and increases awareness of communication styles for each generation.

HR Law

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 3 Hours; Audience: Managers (Required) Managing people effectively includes understanding how a wide variety of laws affect you, the organization, and employees who work for you. This class is designed to help managers understand the legal responsibilities that come with being in a position of leadership. Some of the topics covered are: individual liability, discrimination, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, protected groups, harassment, ADA, FMLA, retaliation, hiring, termination, bullying, and proper disciplinary action.  This is a required training on employment law/legal literacy for all UAMS leadership (i.e. employees who have direct reports or are in a supervisory position).  Note: This training is MANDATORY for managers!

HR Management 101

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 1 Hour; Audience: Managers Each month, the UAMS Office of Human Resources conducts an informational series for managers and HR professionals titled, HR Roundtable for Managers. These sessions cover information relevant to and requested by HR managers across UAMS. The topics for the 2015 sessions include Behavioral Interviewing, Coaching & Progressive Discipline, Hiring & Compensation, FMLA, Performance Evaluations, among others. Remote sites are welcome to join the discussion via interactive video. Note: This training is MANDATORY for managers!

OD: Ice Cream is Hot and Meat is Cold – Cultural Competence

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: General w/ a patient perspective Intercultural communication – what does that mean? You’ve heard of “island time” or “corporate time” but have you heard of “the vote of thanks” or a “sevusevu”? How does culture play a part in the workplace – especially, in terms of patient care? Interested in discovering how those differences and behaviors influence your actions and reactions to situations? This introductory course explores different cultural contexts and expectations.

OD: Leading Effective Meetings

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 1 hour; Audience: General There are 11 million meetings each day in corporate America. How many are actually productive? This one hour training prepares participants to lead business meetings more effectively by developing the skills needed before, during and after the meeting.

Leadership Bootcamp

Offered: Monthly; Duration:4 Hours; Audience: New Managers This class is offered on a regular basis throughout the year. Topics include: Leadership Overview, UAMS Dynamics and Culture, UAMS Policies, Procedures, and Processes, Leadership Communication, and Leadership Development. All new supervisors, managers, directors, and other leaders are required to complete this course within the first 3 months in their role.

Leadership Institute

The UAMS Leadership Institute, for director level leaders, will develop executive leadership competencies in order to help leaders reach their full potential.  This 10-month leadership program will combine leadership best practices with a leadership project that will impact the UAMS mission. 

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is for new and experienced leaders who want to explore five fundamental practices that lead to extraordinary leadership achievements.  This 8-month leadership program will combine theory, professional application, and best practices.

OD: Lunch and Learn Series

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 30 minutes; Audience: General Bring your own lunch and join us for a fast, fun and hands-on training. Our goal is to provide you with a useful communication skill you can use on your job immediately. Join us for a new topic each month.

OD: Professionalism and Its Impact on Office Culture

Offered: Monthly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: General Professionalism is expected of everyone that we work with on a daily basis. But are these expectations being met? We will examine influential factors affecting your team’s office culture. This session will include topics such as collaboration, time management, employee conflict, and client-centered communication, among others. Tips and key strategies for promoting a healthy office culture will be discussed. NOTE: This training is also available as a Live Webinar.

OD: Team Diversity

Offered: Quarterly, Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: General We each have different work styles and strengths that we bring to our team.  This training will examine four different work personality styles, the strengths of each, and the communication preferences for each.   Awareness for the need of and respect for all work personality styles will be examined

OD: Team Foundations

Offered: Quarterly; Duration: 2 Hours; Audience: General There are certain foundations that are needed for team success.  This training will examine five foundations of teams and how to prevent a breakdown of these foundations.  This is a great eye-opener to see which areas are strong and which areas need improvement.

OD: The Manager’s Guide to HR (Online)

Offered: Online; Duration: Self-Paced; Audience: Managers The new MGHR Online will provide participants with the information needed to enact UAMS’ most common human resource practices and procedures. The course will be facilitated by various HR representatives presenting information on such topics as Recruiting, Compensation, Leave Policies, Employee Services, Employee Assistance Program, Workers Compensation and Progressive Discipline. It is recommended for new supervisors, HR managers, and those wanting a refresher on these important HR topics. Additionally, the new Online format will be more convenient and accessible for busy UAMS professionals who wish to have access to various HR topics when they need it. For more information contact Sharniece Hughes or Kevin Huneycutt.

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