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The Leadership Academy explores the behavior of leaders. The Academy is the third in the formal series of four leadership courses designed specifically for UAMS employees. We examine the observable set of skills and abilities leaders possess when operating at their personal best. Hear the tried and true secrets of successful UAMS colleagues, in their own words. Ignite your passion about different leadership themes as you discover what different authors have to say. Discover what your UAMS co-workers are doing; how they are tackling the opportunities and challenges that Dr. Rahn mentions. We encourage and expect you to use this course as an opportunity to practice evidence-based behaviors of leadership in your own area.


Program Overview

The UAMS Leadership Academy is a twelve-month program designed to support the development of UAMS managers and promote relationships across departmental boundaries. This program invites individuals who have the desire to develop their leadership skills and to be a positive contributing force at UAMS. Each participant is required to attend 90% of the sessions.



The prerequisite for participation in this program is a minimum of one year in a management position – not necessarily in your current UAMS position, but at some previous point during your career – and graduation from the UAMS Leadership Bootcamp (this first requirement can be taken during the course of the Leaders Academy program) and the Leadership Essentials course.


Individual Project  

Participants will choose an issue they are grappling with from their work environment and develop an action plan that addresses that issue. At the end of the program participants will present how their final action plan was implemented, and the success of the implementation.



  • To create an environment that enhances and promotes relationships across departmental boundaries
  • To provide opportunities for leaders to advance their leadership skills in order to further their positive contribution to UAMS
  • To engage in the immediate application of content into the participant’s daily practice
  • To provide an ongoing opportunity to mentor and/or consult regarding the development of employees and the organization



  1. Apply and synthesize each of the ten commitments of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Model through individual projects.
  2. Identify specific characteristics of the five exemplary practices in a real-life leadership story with UAMS leaders.
  3. Explore different themes of leadership through self-chosen, relevant literature (list of options provided).
  4. Critically examine and advance messages of the literature that are most valuable to the participant (accomplished through group-led training)



  • Applicants will submit a completed application to Organizational Development by November 14, 2014.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Leadership Academy Team.
  • Applicants will be notified about acceptance into the program by December 19, 2014.



2015 Leadership Academy Application


For more information, please contact the Leadership Academy Team:

Becky Harwell


Deborah Johnson