Management Academy

Program Overview

Educational sessions:  Speakers will present on topics that are relevant to developing leadership and management practices. Each participant is required to attend 90% of the sessions. We encourage them to come to all, but understand circumstances may not allow that. Sessions will be day-long workshops held approximately once every three weeks from February through August.

Individual project:  Participants will choose an issue they are grappling with in their work environment and develop an action plan that addresses that issue. At the end of the program participants will present their final action plan, how it was implemented and the level of success of implementation. Guidelines will be given to participants in the selection of their topic.

Program Completion:  Participants who fully participate within the program’s guidelines will be inducted into the UAMS Management Academy Alumni Association, which will recognize them for their distinguished management skills and provide them with on-going support and learning opportunities.  UAMS Management Academy Alumni will also be asked to participate in future projects to address issues on campus from a collaborative, cross departmental standpoint.

A graduation ceremony will be held for all participants who fulfilled the requirements of the program.


  • To create an environment that enhances and promotes relationships across departmental boundaries.
  • To provide opportunities for managers to develop their management skills in order to become a positive, contributing force at UAMS
  • To provide on-going support and education to managers upon completion of the program


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Clearly articulate roles and responsibilities as manager
  • Manage the performance of direct reports
  • Determine the best  methods of communication
  • Demonstrate effective delegation skills
  • Demonstrate effective problem-solving skills

Criteria for acceptance

  • Has the commitment and support of his/her leader
  • Has proven leadership capacity
  • Exhibits strong interest in developing management skills
  • Is able to commit to program schedule
  • Is willing to engage in team projects/activities
  • Expressed commitment for long-term application of learned skills
  • More than two years management experience


  • Process
    • Applicantmust submit application, completed in full to Organizational Development by January 27. Applications will be reviewed by the Management Academy Team.

    Applicants will be notified about acceptance or denial of participation in the program by February.


Please click here for  the 2014 Management Academy Application


For information contact

Katie Swearingen, Director of Organizational Development

UAMS Office of Human Resources

Office:(501) 296-1837