Critical Illness Insurance

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Critical illnesses are not as uncommon as you might think.  1.5 million Americans suffer heart attacks and strokes each year and about 1.7 million new cancer cases are diagnosed.  This plan will pay money directly to you in a lump-sum should you be diagnosed with a covered critical illness.  You may use this payment as you see fit, such as paying for copays and deductibles, travel to treatment centers, child care, or other expenses not covered by your health insurance.  This is a stand-alone plan provided by UnitedHealthCare; you don’t have to be in a UA medical insurance plan to enroll.

Plan highlights

  • Guarantee issue coverage if enroll during annual open enrollment or in first 30 days as a newly eligible employee.  No medical history questions to answer.
  • No pre-existing condition exclusion; however diagnosis must occur after your coverage begins.
  • $50 annual wellness credit for completing health screenings tests such as Mammogram, Colonoscopy, Chest X-rays, and Bone Marrow Testing.
  • Plan pays 100% for these base conditions:  Cancer-Invasive, Chronic Renal Failure, Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Major Organ Failure, Stroke, Advanced Alzheimers.
  • Plan pays 25% paid for these conditions:  Coronary Artery Disease,  Addison’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Cerebral Palsy, Cerebrospinal Meningitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Diphtheria, Encephalitis, Huntington’s Disease, Legionnaire’s Disease, Malaria, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Myasthenia Gravis, Necrotizing Fascilitis, Osteomyelitis, Poliomyelitis, Rabies, Sickle Cell Anemia, System Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Systemic Sclerosis, Tetatnus, Tubercolis.
  • Spouses and children (under age 26) can be covered.
  • Plan is portable and can go with you when you leave the University.
  • Critical Illness Certificate of Coverage & Plan Details 
  • UHC Member Assistance Program – available for anyone who is benefits eligible.  You do not have to be enrolled in UHC or medical insurance to qualify for this free service.  Click here for more information.

What does it cost?

It depends on your age, if you opt to cover your spouse and/or children, and whether you choose the $10,000 or $20,000 plan.  The premium is deducted on a post-tax basis.

Rates   (If you are paid biweekly, multiply the monthly rate shown by 12, then divide by 26 for your paycheck deduction amount.)

How do I enroll?

New employees may enroll within their first 30 days during their online onboarding process.  Current employees may enroll online in Employee Self Service during an announced open enrollment period.

If you experience a qualifying event, you may have a special 30-day window to make changes to your coverage.

How do I file a claim?

Claims must be filed to UHC within 90 days following the diagnosis of a covered critical illness, but ideally within 30 days.

Wellness Benefit Claim Form – $50 annual benefit for a wellness screening
Critical Illness Claim Form
Request for Portability – how to keep your coverage when you leave UAMS or otherwise become ineligible.  Must apply within 31 days.

Can I keep coverage when I leave UAMS?

Yes, you have 31 days to “port” to a private policy.  You will need to complete this form and send payment directly to UHC.   Note that there is an employer section of this form that you will need to present to our office for completion and signature.


Benefit plan information on these web pages is in a summary format and is not intended to replace actual plan documents. UAMS reserves the right to amend or terminate all or any part of any benefit plan.