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Liberty Mutual

Home, renters and auto insurance is one of the voluntary plans offered by the University of Arkansas System.  Liberty Mutual is the carrier and you would be purchasing an individual policy directly through them.

Liberty Mutual flyer

What does it cost?

It depends on the coverage you elect through Liberty Mutual. The policy is in your name and you are responsible for the premium. But you enjoy a group discount through your employment at UAMS, plus convenient payroll deduction. Liberty Mutual also gives you the option to pay your premium by bank draft.

How do I enroll?

You may contact Liberty Mutual at any time for an insurance quote or to make changes to your current coverage. Call them at 1-888-726-2146 .  Or click on the link above to visit their web site for UAMS employees.

How do I file a claim?

Contact Liberty Mutual at 1-888-726-2146.

Liberty Mutual Safety Tips

Deck Safety
Sun Safety While Driving
Save Water
Pool Safety

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