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Superior Vision

Vision insurance helps lower your out-of-pocket costs when you purchase frames, lenses or contacts. While our vision plan is open to all benefit-eligible employees, it is really intended for those who wear glasses or contacts. It does not cover medical problems associated with your eyes, but those would be covered under our medical plan.  Our vision plan is a fully insured group plan through Superior Vision.

You may choose between two plans, Basic or Enhanced. The difference in benefits are the allowances for frames and lenses.

Visit the UA System Benefits website for details.

Who can I cover?  What does it cost?


Your premium cost depends on which of the two plans you elect and the family members you are covering. You can cover your spouse, as legally recognized by the State of Arkansas.  You can also cover your children until they reach their 26th birthday, regardless of their marital, employment or student status.

How do I enroll?

New employees may enroll within their first 30 days during their online onboarding through My Compass. There is a waiting period before coverage takes effect.  Once you enroll and complete the required forms, coverage takes effect the first of the following month.

Current employees may enroll when Superior Vision offers an open enrollment period.  Annual and future open enrollments are not guaranteed.

If you are already enrolled in the vision plan and gain a new family member by marriage or birth/adoption, you have 30 days to add that person to your coverage.

How do I file a claim?

Show your Superior Vision card to your vision care provider and they will file the claim for you. But you don’t have to have a card as your provider can log online or call Superior Vision to verify coverage.

What else do I need to know?

Since you will likely only use the benefit once a year (the plan year is the calendar year), be sure to go to a provider in Superior Vision’s network to get your best benefit.  Go to their website,, and click on “Locate a Provider.”

UAMS Jones Eye Institute is in the network for UA employees.  The vision exam will be performed by an M.D. and therefore will be filed under your medical insurance.

Our vision plan requires a calendar year participation. Once you’re enrolled, you will not be able to cancel coverage or delete eligible dependents until the end of the calendar year, or unless you are within 30 days of a qualified event.


Benefit plan information on these web pages is in a summary format and is not intended to replace actual plan documents. UAMS reserves the right to amend or terminate all or any part of any benefit plan.