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Medical Coverage

If you are enrolled in our UA medical insurance plan, you have coverage should an emergency occur while away from home, even if you are out of the country. Please be aware that in most instances, foreign medical providers will require payment for medical services and will not accept assignment of medical bills even with evidence of insurance.  Therefore, if you require emergency medical care abroad, it is recommended you pay with a credit card if possible and then submit a reimbursement claim to UMR as soon as you return.

If your international travel is for UAMS business reasons, the UA medical insurance plan covers any necessary immunizations you need before your trip.  Be sure to visit an in-network provider, such as the UAMS Travel Medicine Clinic (POEM Clinic), see below, for your immunizations.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Visit the UA Travel Assistance website website for details.  Travel assistance can help you and your family prepare for trips and during critical situations while away from home. The program can assist you with finding qualified medical providers, legal services or with the replacement of lost credit cards and passports.  If you are a benefits eligible employee, you automatically have 24/7 travel assistance coverage through Generaldi Global Assistance – a service partner associated with Standard, our disability and life insurance carrier. This travel assistance program is designed to help employees and their eligible dependents (spouse and children through age 25) when traveling more than 100 miles from home or internationally, for either business or pleasure. Extended Travel Assistance provides additional global support for Expatriated and Other Long-term Travelers.

Business Travel

If you are are traveling on official UAMS business, visit the the UA System Benefits website for details of your coverage.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage

You may contact Human Resources to enroll in the group AD&D policy to cover you for up to $300,000, your spouse up to $180,000 and your children up to $60,000.  If an accident occurs while you are traveling on UAMS business, this policy would pay any eligible benefits in addition to the $100,000 travel policy above.

UAMS Travel Medicine Clinic (POEM Clinic)

Visit their website to learn about immunizations and tips for a safe and healthy trip.

Tips for international travel

Visit the U.S. Department of State website.

If you have issues with your cell phone while abroad:

AT&T  +1 916 843 4685
Tip:  remove the battery and reinsert to allow receipt of email messages

Verizon +1 908 559 4899
Blackberry tip:  Manage Connections, Mobile Network Options – ensure Data Service and While Roaming are both set to ON.  Scroll to Network Technology and ensure setting are set to Global.  This will allow device to switch between CDMA and GSM while traveling abroad.

Sprint +1 817 698 4199

Country Codes and Dialing Instructions Website

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