Wellness FAQs

It’s that time of year again!  Complete the wellness “2 step” between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2017 to receive your 2018 reward.

Click on the questions below to read the answer.

Got a question you don’t see answered here?   Contact Human Resources at 501-686-5650 or  Or contact Onlife Health toll-free at 1-877-369-0285.

1. Why is the University offering a wellness program?
2. Why should I participate?
3. Why do I have to fill out the online health assessment and give my personal health information?
4. What do I get for participating? Is there a reward or incentive?
5. What is a medical out-of-pocket maximum?
6. I'm healthy and will likely never reach the OOP max. Why do I need to do this?
7. I have high cholesterol and blood pressure, so I won't pass the screening. Will I have to pay the higher OOP max?
8. What is Onlife? What will they do with my information?
9. What do I have to do to participate in the wellness program?
10. Do I need to bring anything to my biometric screening?
11. Do I have to fast before the screening?
12. What will happen at the screening? How long will it take?
13. What if I don't agree to the Tobacco pledge that is part of the online Health Assessment questionnaire?
14. What if I'm already in a tobacco cessation program or want to enroll in a different quit smoking program?
15. Does the UAMS smoking cessation program count as an alternative program?
16. Can I go to my doctor to get my numbers instead of going to a screening?
17. If I go to my PCP to get my numbers, will I have to pay an office visit copay?
18. I saw my PCP in May for my physical. Do I still have to do the screening?
19. Do I have to do steps 1 and 2 in order, meaning screening first and then Onlife health assessment second?
20. Once I've had my screening, how does the data get entered?
21. Do I have to enter the screening data? If so, where?
22. Will my Onlife coach know if my data has been entered?
23. I don't have a computer or a smartphone. How can I complete the health assessment and pledges?
24. Is there an app for Onlife that I can use on my smartphone and take the health assessment that way?
25. How will I know I've completed the health assessment?
26. I'm having trouble with Onlife's website. I try to register but I keep getting kicked out. What do I do?
27. Does my spouse have to do this?
28. Do new employees have to do this?
29. If I do not complete the wellness program, will my spouse/children default to the lower OOP max?
30. I work at ACH (Ark. Children's Hospital). Will screenings be done there?
31. Does this apply to College of Medicine Faculty Group Practice (FGP) members and resident physicians?
32. Do I get release time from work to do this?
33. I work near an AHEC clinic. Can I go there for my screening?
34. I work at Kids First, close to another UA campus. Can I go there for my screening?
35. Is the wellness program mandatory?
36. Where does my screening information go and how is it used? Is it confidential?
37. Will my supervisor or Human Resources see my results?
38. Can anyone at UAMS drop by for a screening?
39. Will our insurance premiums be adjusted based on the results of the screening?
40. My spouse and I both work here. I cover the family under my name. Does my spouse also need to do the screening?
41. Does the wellness program apply to retired employees?
42. What if I don't want to participate in the wellness program?
43. If my spouse or children are covered under the health plan, do they have to participate in the wellness program?