TIAA and Fidelity LIVE Seminars/Webinars/Workshops/Webcasts

All employees are invited to participate in the workshops conducted by both TIAA and Fidelity, regardless if you have a retirement savings account with that investment provider.

TIAA presents FREE  On-site Financial Essentials Workshops  ** Click here to register online or reserve a seat by calling 800-732-8353.

  • None scheduled at this time.

TIAA’s  October 2019 LIVE Webinar Lounge (times listed in Central Standard Time)

Reserve your seat online at .  View webinar flyer for dates and times


                                                          SPECIAL TOPICS:

  • 10/15   11:00am    Making gifts to loved ones and charities
  • 10/16   11:00am    Understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)
  • 10/16   2:00pm     Market-proof your retirement
  • 10/17   11:00am    Quarterly economic and market update
  • 10/22  11:00am     Help protect you,  your family and your money
  • 10/23  11:00am     Understanding Medicare
  • 10/24  11:00am     The 411 on 529 college savings plans
  • 10/31  2:00pm       Planning for Retirement- The why, what and how

For Individual Counseling Sessions, Call 800-732-8353 for registration center or visit to schedule an appointment

Fidelity presents FREE On-site Financial Workshops

  • Non-scheduled at this time

Webcasts/ Online Webinars from Fidelity   

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See flyer for upcoming web workshops.

  • WHEN and HOW TO CLAIM SOCIAL SECURITY- If you anticipate SS will be your primary source of income in retirement, learn when and how to claim your benefit. Click the either link inside of flyer or below to register.


For Individual Counseling Sessions, Call 800-603-4015 for registration center or visit to schedule an appointment.