TIAA and Fidelity Seminars

All employees are invited to participate in the workshops conducted by both TIAA and Fidelity, regardless if you have a retirement savings account with that investment provider.

TIAA presents FREE  On-site Financial Essentials Workshops  ** Click here to register online or reserve a seat by calling 800-732-8353.

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TIAA’s January – February – March 2019 LIVE Webinars  (times listed in Central Standard Time)

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  • January 8- 2:00p.m.  The Starting Line:  Beginning to save for retirement
  • January 9- 11:00a.m.  Attention to Detail:  Financial finishing touches for women
  • January 9- 2:00p.m.  Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your ideal retirement
  • February 6- 11:00a.m Healthy Numbers
  • February 12- 2:00p.m. Charting Your Course:  A financial guide for women
  • February 13- 2:00p.m.  Inside Money: Managing income and debt
  • February 14- 2:00p.m.  Halfway There:  A retirement checkpoint
  • March 12- 2:00p.m.  Gaining Insight: Navigating debt consolidation & understanding the mortgage process
  • March 13- 2:00p.m.  Money at Work 1: Foundations of investing
  • March 14- 2:00p.m.  Postcards From the Future: A woman’s guide to financially ever after

                                                          SPECIAL TOPICS:

  • January 8- 11:00a.m.  Top five estate planning mistakes
  • January 4- 11:00a.m.  Quarterly economic and market updates
  • January 10- 2:00p.m.  All about IRAs
  • February 7- 11:00a.m.  Hacking the human- Cybersecurity and you
  • February 12- 11:00a.m. Introduction to trusts
  • February 13- 11:00a.m. The 411 on 529 college savings plans
  • February 14- 11:00a.m. Demystifying life insurance
  • March 7- 11:00a.m.  Understanding the retirement decision
  • March 12- 11:00a.m. Social Security basics
  • March 13- 11:00a.m.  Responsible Investing
  • March 14- 11:00a.m.  Market-proof your retirement


Fidelity On-site Workshops

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Fidelity Online Webinars 

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To request a one-on-one meeting

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Call 800.603.4015 for registration center or visit to reserve your seat for one-on-one sessions or workshops.