2017 Retirement Plan Change

You will have a new fund line-up from which you can choose to invest your UA Retirement Plan 403(b) and 457(b) savings.

Be on the look-out for mailings to your home starting late April. You will have access to these new funds starting May 10; but the automatic conversion of your existing investments to the new fund line-up won’t take effect until October 2.

There will be comprehensive education and communication in a variety of mediums to introduce all the benefits of the new plan to faculty and staff, as well as to provide further details on the new investment menu.

Read material mailed to your home.  Copies will be posted here.

Attend an onsite workshop.  

Read the FAQs below.  Click on each plus sign for the answers.

Contact your investment provider.

Fidelity Investments:  800-343-0860,
TIAA:  800-842-2733,

1. What are the changes?
2. What is staying the same?
3. How will the changes go into effect?
4. Why are these changes taking place?
5. What do participants need to do?
6. Why does the investment process need to be simplified?
7. Does the investment process simplification mean participants will have fewer investment choices?
8. How will the tiered investment structure be beneficial to participants?
9. Will the self-directed mutual fund brokerage option have extra costs?
10. Besides investment process simplification, are there other reasons to consider changing the investment line-up?
11. Will a self-directed mutual fund account have extra costs?
12. How are retirees affected?
13. What happens if a participant's favorite investment fund is not available?