FAQs for Wellness and Tobacco Pledge

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1. What is the program?
2. Is this mandatory?
3. I am not enrolled in the UA medical insurance. Does this apply to me?
4. What do I have to do to get the wellness reward in 2019?
5. Why should I participate? Is there a reward or incentive?
6. What is a medical out-of-pocket maximum?
7. I am healthy and don't need the higher OOP max. Why do I need to do this?
8. I don't care about the wellness reward or the reduced OOP max. Is it true that I only have to take the tobacco pledge to avoid the $50 surcharge?
9. If I don't complete the two wellness steps, will my spouse and children default to the lower OOP max?
10. Are dependents eligible to participate to get the wellness reward?
11. How will I know that I've completed the steps to get my 2019 wellness reward?
12. Do I get release time from work for my annual physical or other qualified office visit?
13. I am concerned about my privacy. What information is being reported back to my employer?
14. What is the concept behind the tobacco surcharge? Why is it being done?
15. Do other universities have similar tobacco use surcharges?
16. What is the tobacco surcharge?
17. What is the definition of tobacco?
18. Do new employees have to do this?
19. How much is the surcharge?
20. Is the tobacco surcharge added to my medical premium?
21. How will you know whether I am a tobacco user?
22. What if I don't answer the question truthfully?
23. I smoke and want to quit. Where can I get help?
24. What if I check the box that I will participate in a smoking cessation program, but fail to quit?
25. What if I don't take the tobacco pledge?
26. Where does money from the tobacco surcharge go?
27. What if my spouse smokes?
28. I'm a non-smoker and don't use tobacco. If I take the tobacco pledge, do I still have to see my doctor in order to get my wellness reward?
29. If I decide to quit smoking later, can I take the Tobacco Pledge again and stop the surcharge?
30. I am not enrolled in a UA medical plan. Does this apply to me?