UAMS Compensation Philosophy

The vision is clear at UAMS in regards to compensating our team members. We are committed to ensuring each team member receives a market driven, fair and equitable compensation package that aids in the attraction and retention of top talent. The compensation program is designed to support the overall mission of UAMS. We do this by linking the following key objectives:

  • Transparency: Every employee has access to pay administration guidelines, defined salary ranges and job content.
  • Internal Equity: Ensure each offer is equitable across the organization that promotes a Fair and Just Culture.
  • External Competitiveness: Continue to be proactive in understanding market shifts for every position and communicate in a way that is simple and understood by every team member.
  • Compliance: Enforce regulation that is driven at the State and Federal levels.

FY20 Position Management Process Guide

UAMS Pay Administration Guidelines

HR Actions Manual