Online Onboarding / Orientation

Online onboarding is an online training program for all new employees, staff or faculty, benefits eligible, not eligible for benefits, and non employees hired via the My Compass .  All employees must be be registered for face to face  orientation via My Compass  by the hiring manager or proxy.  Online modules and forms will be assigned to the new hire via My Compass by the Office of Human Resources, Employee Services.

Click on the links below for instructions on how to register a new hire for face to face orientation.
Hiring Managers Instructions
Serving as a Proxy Guide

New Employee Onboarding is conducted online via My Compass effective July 19, 2017, with the exception of a half day face to face orientation which will be scheduled by the hiring manager.  Click here for more information and exceptions.

Benefits Eligible Employees and Non-Benefits Eligible Employees – will receive onboarding material via email and instructions as to how to access the onboarding material via My Compass.

Depending on job status, employees must complete the following modules:

Section A: Completed by all UAMS employees including faculty and residents.

Exception: Non-Employees (those individuals not paid by UAMS) do not need to complete the Payroll module or the Conflict of Interest Module. Non-Employees required modules will be assigned via My Compass.

Note:  not all modules will include a post test.

Section B: Completed by all employees on or off-site locations who are eligible for benefits. Or by Faculty Group Practice (FGP) members, Non-FGP faculty members and Medical Housestaff/Resident memebers.

Section C: Completed by Clinical Programs employees and other employees working in a patient care areas including faculty and residents.

Section D: Completed by nurses and employees in patient care or safe sensitive positions.

Section A:

Modules and forms in Section A must be completed by all UAMS employees, Contract Employees, and Non-Employees (Exception see above).  All modules and forms are assigned by HR, Employee Services via My Compass.

  • Welcome and Payroll Signup Module
    All employees on payroll are to review this module for details on completing payroll forms. This module is not required for non-employees.
  • Payroll Forms – eligible for benefits (assigned by HR via My Compass)
    For employees who are eligible for benefits.
  • Payroll Forms – not eligible for benefits  (assigned by HR via My Compass)
    For employees who are NOT eligible for benefits.
  • Conflict of Interest
    All employees are required to complete a Conflict of Interest disclosure form within two weeks of their hire date and again annually. Faculty and positions funded by research grants are governed by a longer, more detailed disclosure form. For more information about this form, contact your supervisor.  SAP #, domain log-in and password required. This module is not required for non-employees.  If you do not have a domain login and password, click here to complete the Confidential Agreement and one will be emailed to you.
  • OHS_Safety Training
    All employees are required to complete Occupational Health and Safety  Training as a new hire and annually.   This module includes fire safety and other safety requirements.
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Training for NEW EMPLOYEES
    (Online Module and Post Test) This module is required for ALL employees.
  • UAMS Code of Conduct
    This module is required for ALL employees.
  • Infection Control Online (in person session)
     This module is conducted via the face to face new employee orientation session scheduled by the hiring manager.
  • Initial Compliance Online Module – This module is required for ALL employees.
  • Parking and Police Online Module – This module is required for ALL employees.
  • Bloodborne Pathogen
  • Title IX: Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Gender Harassment And Retaliation
    This module is required for ALL employees.
  • Code Red Module – All employees
  • Employee Relations – All employees
  • Employee Assistance Program – All employee should review this information via My Compass.
  • Fitness Center Training Module – All employee
  • Travel and Reimbursement – All employee
  • Student Employee Health Services (SEHS)
    Required by all employees.  Call 686-6565 (main clinic) or 686-8810 (satellite clinic) to schedule a medical screening and TB skin test. Complete the medical screening form and bring to your appointment.  Or visit their office, click here for a list of locations and hours.  This is required for ALL employees.

Section B:

Section B should be viewed by UAMS employees who are eligible for benefits (50% time or more, not temp). Or by Faculty Group Practice (FGP) members and Medical Housestaff/Resident members.  These modules are available via My Compass and will be sent via email upon completion of the new hire process.

  1. Retirement Plan Module – applies to employees who are eligible for the University match. Required forms are via My Compass.
  2. Insurance/Flex plan Regular Benefits Eligible Module – for staff and non-FGP faculty. Required forms are via My Compass.
  3. Insurance/Flex Plan for Faculty Group Practice and Medical House staff/Residents – for Faculty Group Practice (FGP) members and Medical Housestaff/Residents.  Required forms are via My Compass.

Benefit enrollment forms must be received in Human Resources online via My Compass one day before the date of hire.

 Incomplete payroll and benefit forms and modules will delay the following: start date/date of hire, first payroll check, and benefits effective date.

Section C:

Completed by Clinical Programs (CLP) – All employees working in a patient care area.  Assigned via My Compass.


Section D:

Completed by Nurses or Patient Care including PRN.

PRN Required Training – required training for PRN Staff


My Compass Website Click Here.

To verify completion of all required modules visit your My Compass Dashboard and view the training transcript.