OPES-Employee Information

All employees are required to participate in the evaluation process. Employees must complete a self-evaluation and sign-off as part of their annual evaluation.  Notification via email will arrive telling you to complete the self evaluation and sign off. 90-day evaluations for new employees, subject to the probationary period, require sign off only.

The Office of Human Resources is also providing one-on-one assistance in the online performance evaluation system with the annual self-evaluation and sign-off.  For more information, please contact the HR representative for your area.

Training Tools:

Employee Manual

Employee Instruction Sheet

Employee Sign-Off Instruction Sheet

Annual Evaluation Demonstration Tutorial

90-Day Demonstration Tutorial

How to move through the process of the annual evaluation



UAMS Mission and Values  (non-clinical)

Circle of Excellence (Clinical Programs)

 For additional information contact:

Your HR Representative