OPES-Manager Information

Managers, supervisors, and their respective substitutes, if they are managers who will conduct employee evaluations, must attend 2 trainings, “OD: Conducting Performance Evaluations that Count” and “Online Performance Management”, before gaining access to the system.

The annual evaluation period must start on the employee’s review date.  The review date can be found in SAP using transaction PA20, Infotype 41 or in the MSS report (see link below).  In the ‘Online Performance Management’ class you are given information to determine an employee’s evaluation period.



The trainings are separated into a soft skills class titled ‘OD: Conducting Performance Evaluations that Count’ which is a required prerequisite (with the exception of those who will only assist with evaluations) to taking the technical skills class titled ‘Online Performance Management’.  Each of these classes will last 2-3 hours, with the OD: Conducting Performance Evaluations that Count class offered one week and the Online Performance Management course shortly thereafter.  The next classes are as follows:

THE NAME OF THIS CLASS HAS CHANGED AND YOU SHOULD CONTACT ORGANIATIONAL DEVEOPMENT FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. OD: Conducting Performance Evaluations that Count: This class is scheduled for August 2, 2017 beginning at 2 p.m., ending at 4 p.m. in the IDod Wilson/EDW building, room 105 A/B.

Although you cannot register for the below Online Performance Management class until you show in My Compass as completed the above class, please reserve the date and time on your calendar.

THIS CLASS IS NO LONGER GIVEN, PLEASE CONTACT KIM FINNE FOR INFORMATION. Online Performance Management: August 24, 2017  from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Education two building on the eighth floor in room 8 105 A.

Managers/supervisors may enroll via My Compass.  Access to the online system will be granted upon the completion of both classes.  Manager substitutes who will assist managers/supervisors with the Online Performance Evaluation System (OPES) process and will not actually conduct evaluations  and need to contact HR @ either or 686-5650 for information to obtain access to the Online Performance Management System.  They will not attend the ‘OD: Conducting Performance Evaluations that Count’ class.

Instructions for Switching from Previous Templates to New Templates

The following tools and training methods will not substitute for classroom training.

Online Performance Management Manual

Manager’s Evaluation Cheat Sheet

OPES Manager 90 Day Evaluation Demonstration

OPES Manager UAMS Annual Evaluation Demonstration

How to Move through the Process of the Annual Evaluation

OPES Process 90 Day

90 Day Probationary Period Red Flags

Running Reports in MSS

New Templates Instructions

How to Copy an Employee Evaluation

Resources and Sample Evaluations:

UAMS Mission and Values

UAMS Mission and Values Rubric

Circle of Excellence

SMART Goals Worksheet

Administrative Guide – Employee Performance

For Additional Information Contact:

UAMS:  Danielle Taylor @ (501) 296-1151 or