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Some other great recognition ideas!

(source: 450 Low-Cost, No-cost Strategies for Recognizing, Rewarding, & Retaining Good People by Carol Hacker, 1999)

  • Name a special award after an employee such as a safety award, production award, years of service award, or community service award.
  • Present an employee with a birthday card on his/her birthday that is signed by the whole department
  • Create an “Oscar® Award” with several categories. Hold an awards night with employees as the emcees. Employees might also provide entertainment between awards.
  • Greet all employees with a smile and call them by name.
  • Pass out “Kudo®” candy bars for a job well done.
  • Recognize an employee for a life-saving idea with a necklace made from Lifesavers®.
  • Thank employees for efforts in front of their peers.
  • Invite honored employees to have lunch with the Vice-Chancellor or Department Head of your area.
  • Decorate the employee’s work area on his/her birthday. The entire team may want to get involved.
  • Hold monthly anniversary lunches where everyone hired during that month is recognized for his/her contributions to the organization.
  • Refer to all “employees” as “associates”.
  • Put Hershey’s Kisses® on everyone’s desk before they arrive to work.
  • Pay for the employee’s professional association dues.
  • Place a thank you card on the employee’s desk for them to find when they return to the office from a meeting or trip.
  • Send an electronic thank you card for a job well done. Click here for
  • Invite employees to participate in a company-paid, off-site seminar or training.

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