Affirmative Action

A Message from the Center for Diversity Affairs and LGBT Health Alliance Student Organization

The UAMS Center for Diversity Affairs and the LGBT Health Alliance Student Organization would like to share this message with colleagues and fellow students in the wake of the June 12th, 2016 mass shooting in Orlando:

In reflection of the horrific attack at the gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday, June 12th, where we lost 49 young members of the LGBT community, returning to class and work was an especially hard day for many of us. We continue to  mourn the senseless loss of so many lives. We also mourn the loss of that community’s sense of safety, especially in spaces that are designed to protect and celebrate them.

UAMS is one of those safe spaces. We ask our UAMS family to reflect on this moment and work to maintain our campus as a safe and welcoming space for our LGBT patients, colleagues, students and community members. Events like these can take a toll, both physically and mentally, on us all. This is a time when we can support and take care of each other.

For anyone affected by this tragedy or any other, there are counseling and support resources available at UAMS. Employees are encouraged to contact our Employee Assistance Program, which has offices near our campuses in Little Rock and Fayetteville (Click here for contact information). Students can be connected to the resources they need by contacting the associate dean responsible for student affairs for their respective college.

The Center for Diversity Affairs and our LGBT Health Alliance Student Organization strive to be catalysts for inclusion, equity and cultural competence at UAMS. You can contact us at (501)686-7299 or email

We thank Dr. Rahn for his earlier message of caring and support. We also thank our UAMS family for working to keep UAMS an institution that values diversity and inclusion. We are proud to be part of Team UAMS and its mission of health improvement for all.


Billy Thomas, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion

James “Breandan” Kelly and Tulsi Patel, Co-Presidents, LGBT Health Alliance