Affirmative Action Plans



Our Affirmative Action plan year begins June 1st of each year and ends May 31st.  UAMS maintains five (5) affirmative action plans, which are as follows:

Our Central Administration Affirmative Action Plan includes the following divisions: Bio-Sciences Institute, the Chancellor’s Office, Development/Alumni Affairs, Information Technology, Institutional Compliance, Campus Operations, Administration, Academic Affairs, Communication and Finance.

Located geographically throughout the State, the Area Health Education Centers and Regional Programs form our Regional Programs Affirmative Action Plan.

Our College of Medicine Affirmative Action Plan includes the College of Medicine, The Rockefeller Cancer Institute, the Institute on Aging, the Myeloma Institute, the Spine Institute and Research.

The College of Health Related Professions, the College of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Public Health and the Graduate School comprise our Other Colleges Affirmative Action Plan.

Our Clinical Programs Affirmative Action Plan includes Clinical Programs and the Psychiatric Research Institute.

You may access the Narrative section of each plan by clicking the plan title.  Should you wish to view an affirmative action plan in its entirety, or if you have questions regarding our Affirmative Action Program or any of our affirmative action plans, please contact Odette Woods, Director of Affirmative Action, Office of Human Resources, at (501) 296-1076