Navigating the Immigration Tracker Questionnaire

If you are a foreign national who is new to UAMS, or if you are changing or extending your non-immigrant status, you will need to submit an Employee Questionnaire in our Immigration Tracker portal.

Immigration Tracker Quick Reference Guide for Foreign Nationals

In order to successfully submit your Employee Questionnaire in Tracker, there are a few things we would like for you to keep in mind during the process.

  1. All boxes with an asterisk (*) beside them require answers in order for your application to successfully be submitted.
  2. Please fill out all information in the Most Recent U.S. Status and I-94 Information section in order for us to document your current status (if you are currently in the United States).
  3. Please include all time spent on any type of visa in the History of Visits/Stays in the U.S.  This information is VERY important when calculating authorized time available to you.
  4. If you have a spouse or dependent that will need to be included on this petition request, please make sure to provide all information requested in the Spouse and Children sections of the questionnaire.
  5. If you will be traveling at any point in the next 5-8 months outside of the U.S. please include this information in the first question listed under the “Planning Questions” section of the questionnaire.  This is very important for our office to know as it can affect the filing time of your petition if you will be coming to UAMS on an H-1B visa.
  6. If you plan on traveling and applying for your H-1B visa stamp abroad please notify us. This will allow us to properly file your H-1B petition with consular processing.

If you have questions while filling out the questionnaire please do not hesitate to contact us at