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What the Immigration Executive Orders May Mean for Employers

By George Ernst, Mitchell Williams Law Firm

President Obama announced several reforms by executive action to the U.S. immigration system on Thursday night (November 20, 2014). Several of the reforms within President Obama’s executive orders are meant to address many deficiencies in the current immigration system specifically related to employment sponsored immigration.

Per President Obama’s executive orders, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Department of States (DOS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) will be tasked with considering and implementing changes to improve employment based immigration. It is important to note that the following initiatives have not yet been implemented, and may change over time. Read More  

New Exchange Rate for Visa Application Fees in India

Effective December 22, 2014, the exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the U.S. dollar, for purposes of paying visa application fees in India, has changed.   The new exchange rate is 64 rupees per U.S. dollar, up from the previous designated rate of 62 rupees to the dollar. Read More

Non-US Citizen and Moving?  Don’t Forget to File AR-11 Notification with USCIS

Most non-U.S. citizens are required to report a change of their residential address within 10 days of moving within the U.S. or its territories.  This requirement becomes even more important when there is an application pending with USCIS.  The change of address notification is done by filing Form AR-11 electronically with USCIS.  Read More


India – As Seen Through American Eyes

Lisa Gaddy, Immigration Manager in Immigration Services – Human Resources at UAMS, talks about her recent trip to India through her eyes. Read More

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