Immigration Spotlight: UAMS Office of Global Health

What does the UAMS Office of Global Health do?

The Office of Global Health (OGH) supports international education, service and research opportunities for faculty, staff and students.

The UAMS OGH recognizes the human capacity to achieve optimal health by striving to facilitate capacity building, equitable access and education to promote sustainable healthcare through local and global partnerships.

The OGH coordinates global health activities and supports faculty, staff and students in their efforts to improve the health of the world’s populations, individuals and communities; facilitates interdisciplinary global health services, teaching and research in an equitable and sustainable manner; and builds collaborative and population-based work across disciplines, and along the continuum of health and education.

What services are provided by the UAMS Office of Global Health?

  • Reporting daily on security issues abroad.
  • Assisting with international travel.
  • Selecting students for the Rwandan Presidential Scholars Program.
  • Collecting data that quantifies global health practice at UAMS.
  • Supporting for the Global Health Interest Group – Students for Global Health.
  • Appointing adjunct faculty.
  • Coordinating the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School

What activities are on the horizon for the UAMS Office of Global Health?

  • Developing a lecture series rooted in social justice and health equity.
  • Creating international rotation sites for interprofessional teams of students to utilize.
  • Drafting a global health certificate program.


Director:  Don Simpson, Ph.D., M.P.H. –

Office Manager:   Julia Mays –

The Office of Global Health is located in room # 1.332 of the Administration West Building.

UAMS Office of Global Health Website: