J-1 Visitor Transfer In Request Form

Export Control Form for Foreign National

Before any foreign national can be granted J-1 status to come to UAMS they must be run through Export Control.   Please click here to complete this form.

Once Export Control has been run and the foreign national has been cleared then the J-1 Immigration Process can begin.


J-1 Visitor Transfer In Request

J-1 Visa holders are allowed to transfer to other institutions while researching and studying in the U.S. with approval from both their current institution and the new institution that they will be transferring to.   The below form should be used to initiate this transfer.  Upon completion of this form and receiving the visitor’s documents our office will review and determine eligibility of the transfer to UAMS.  If all is in order and the visitor is eligible to transfer to UAMS we will work with you to initiate the transfer.


Documents needed for verification of transfer are:

  1. Copy of current valid passport

  2. Copy of current DS-2019

  3. Any forms that current J-1 Program might need  in order to complete the transfer

  4. Invitation Letter from UAMS Department for J-1 Visitor (Invitation Letter Example_J Appointment)

  5. Affidavit & Agreement for J-1 Sponsorship form, signed by the sponsor and department business administrator

  6. Proof of Financial Responsibility (Exchange Visitor = $1500/month for the duration of program; Each Dependent = Additional $300/month for duration of program)

Please send all documentation to


Please complete this form at least three weeks before the scholar’s start date at UAMS to avoid any delays in processing.

  • This number begins with an "N" and will be located in the top right corner of the DS-2019 immigration document.
  • Should be the RO or ARO over J-1 Visitors.