J-1 Immigration Process

UAMS  J-1 program is for research, consultation and/or observation only. If you are interested in J-1 sponsorship, please be advised there are several requirements and commitments for sponsors. Please read the information referenced on the J-1 Visa page carefully before taking on the responsibility of J-1 sponsorship.  You can also find information regarding J-1 Programs on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are interested in inviting a current J-1 Visitor at another institution to join at UAMS, please visit this link for the J-1 Visitor Transfer In Process.


Begin Immigration Process


Immigration Tracker Portal:

Immigration Tracker Quick Reference Guide for HR/Departments

To obtain access to the Immigration Tracker Portal, email You will receive a “Welcome to Tracker IMS” email from with your access link.

Once you have created your account, please do the following:

  1. Hover over the “Add” button, and click “Process.”
  2. Under the “New Service Request” section, choose J-1 Consular from the Process dropdown list.
  3. If you are creating a J-1 request for a NEW EMPLOYEE:

a. Leave the Individual selection as “- New -” and click the “UAMS Intake – Add New Process/Employee” link.


       2.  If you are creating an J-1 request for an EXISTING EMPLOYEE:

a.  Select the employee’s name in the Individual dropdown list.*

b. Click the “UAMS Intake – Add New Process/Employee” link.

*If you do not see your existing employee’s name under Individual, notify the Immigration Services office.

Please make sure that a correct email address is entered when filling out the intake form.


Before any foreign national can be granted J-1 status to come to UAMS they must be run through Export Control. Therefore, you will be requested to fill out an Export Control Clearance Form for the foreign national once  the intake form is accepted by us in the Immigration Tracker.  You can get the form here too.

Note: Export Control Approval can take up to 15 business days depending on the nature of the research project that the foreign national will be involved in.    If it is determined that an Export Control license will need to be applied for from the U.S. Government, the visit/work will have to be delayed until the license is granted.


You will be sent an email once the Intake is approved that will require you to submit the following to for the foreign national:

1) Signed Affidavit Agreement for J-1 Sponsorship -updated 1201_2017

2) Copy of invitation letter to research at UAMS. (J-1 Invitation Letter Example)

3) Copy of financial information required for processing.
(Exchange Visitor = $1500/month for duration of program; Each Dependent = Additional $300/month for duration of program)

4) Copy of passports for foreign national and any dependents they might be bringing.
Note: This information will be sent in the Intake approval email.


**Should you decide to sponsor someone in the UAMS exchange visitor program, you will be provided an Exchange Visitor brochure and the Destination: Arkansas handout, which should be sent to your participant along with the prepared DS-2019.

Note: If your J-1 exchange visitor will not be eligible for UAMS benefits, they will be required to purchase their own insurance plan and provide proof of health insurance for the duration of their program.

The following are some companies that can be contacted to obtain health insurance:


Other J-1 Requests

J-1 Visitor Transfer In Request – This form is online and fillable and should be filled out for any J-1 Visitor Transfer In to UAMS.    Please see form for additional details.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Extension Request – This form is online and fillable and should be filled out for any J-1 visa extension request.  Please see form for additional details.

J-2 Dependent DS-2019 Request – Current J-1 exchange visitors can submit this form online to request a DS-2019 for a visiting spouse or child.