Request Documents

We invite you to utilize the  forms below to request documents from the Immigration Services Office.

  • H-1B Travel Packet Request If you are on an H-1B visa and you or your H-4 dependents are traveling outside of the U.S. and will need to go to the Embassy for a visa stamping, you should request an H-1B Travel Packet. This travel packet should be requested 2-3 weeks prior to departure and will include your original I-797 Approval Notice, and Employment Verification Letter, and a copy of sections of your latest H-1B petition. The original I-797 Approval Notice must be returned to Immigration Services upon your return to UAMS. **If you have a current and valid UAMS visa stamp in your passport, please fill out an Employment Verification Letter Request only.**
  • Employment Verification Letter Request This letter may be requested for any foreign national UAMS employee, and will verify your employment start date, position, and salary at UAMS. Please submit this request 2-3 weeks before the letter is needed.