TN Immigration Process

The UAMS Immigration Office works with the hiring department to secure TN status for its employees.  Due to fluctuations in processing times, unanticipated backlogs and USCIS requests for additional evidence, it is recommendable to start the process 6 months in advance of the start date or expiration date (standard processing) or 6 weeks in advance (premium processing).  TN status is granted in up to three year increments and may be extended indefinitely.


Immigration Tracker Portal:

Immigration Tracker Quick Reference Guide for HR/Departments

To obtain access to the Immigration Tracker Portal, email You will receive a “Welcome to Tracker IMS” email from with your access link.

Once you have created your account, please do the following:

  1. Hover over the “Add” button, and click “Process.”
  2. Under the “New Service Request” section, choose TN from the Process dropdown list.
  3. If you are creating an TN request for a NEW EMPLOYEE:
    Leave the Individual selection as “- New -” and click the “UAMS Intake – Add New Process/Employee” link.
  4. If you are creating an TN request for an EXISTING EMPLOYEE:
    Select the employee’s name in the Individual dropdown list.*
  5. Click the “UAMS Intake – Add New Process/Employee” link.

*If you do not see your existing employee’s name under Individual, notify the Immigration Services office.

Please make sure that a correct email address is entered when filling out the intake form.


Print and Complete the Immigration Check Request Form and submit this document with your check request(s).

Request separate checks for each applicable fee, made payable to “Department of Homeland Security“, Vendor #32747: California Service Center.

The SAP Non-Purchase Order Payments transaction must be used. Instructions on the SAP Non-PO Payment method here.  If you have questions, contact Suzanne Leslie, UAMS Director of Procurement; Mail Slot 542; (501) 686-6134; (501) 686-8130 fax


I-129 Filing Fee: $460 – Applies to all TN petitions

Premium Processing Fee: $1,440 – Optional

Once you have requested the checks, please bring them to Immigration Services in the Barton Research Building – 1st floor, Room 1R23.