Position Governance Information

What is the Position Governance Process?

This page will help you understand and utilize the newly developed Position Governance Process (referenced to as the Process).  This Process was created to maintain the appropriate staffing levels for all organizations within the UAMS umbrella.  It will cover requests for new allocations, efficiencies related to FTEs, reclassifications to fill positions and departmental reorganizations.

UAMS headcount is determined by our Appropriation Bill as it has been approved by the Arkansas Legislature.  This Process ensures that we stay within our legally defined limits, adjustment to any positions are done within the guidance and processes defined by the Legislature and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, defined efficiencies are maintained and that UAMS leadership will be fully informed of our headcount and compensation impacts to our financial results.

How will this be accomplished?

Senior leadership has made a strong commitment to reviewing requests submitted through the HR Compensation Team for their review.  HR Compensation will work with unit leaders throughout UAMS to help them bring forward the information needed to allow our leadership to make informed and timely decisions.

These decisions will be made by the Executive Review Committee made up of our chief level officers from each division:  Dr. Stephanie Gardner, Dr. Richard Turnage, Dr. Pope Moseley and Bill Bowes.  A regular meeting schedule will be established and requests that have been submitted to HR Compensation by the communicated deadlines will be addressed in those meetings.

A business case template has been developed for submissions to the Governance Committee and will be provided on a shared location for everyone’s use.  Depending on the complexity of the request multiple subject matter experts within the Office of Human Resources will be engaged to help requestors prepare the information necessary for the Executive Review Committee.

Documents for Position Governance

Business Case Template

Executive Committee Review Process Overview

Position Governance Process Guide

QRG Executive Committee Request