Employee Engagement Resources

Employee Engagement is more than team building activities, comradery or special events. Employee engagement drives performance at UAMS. Engaged employees understand their purpose, where and how they fit in to our mission, vision and purpose at UAMS. This leads to employee empowerment, better decision-making, growth and innovation.

We want to collaborate with you in engaging our employees with the mission and strategy at UAMS overtime. Here are a couple are a couple ways you can make a difference on your team.


Employee Resources – Here you will find links to resources for the employees on your team. This section contains UAMS calendars of events across campus, UAMS news, opportunities for your team to volunteer, as well as the vision and strategy of UAMS to become a leader in healthcare research, education, and clinical care across the nation.

Employee Calendar

Employee News

Volunteering at UAMS

Employee Recognition Toolkit at UAMS 

Engagement Development Resources – Build an employee engagement action plan is instrumental in transforming employee thoughts and opinions into positive change. Here we provide resources to create effective plans to increase employee engagement.


UAMS Engagement Overview (2020)

2020 Employee Engagement Communication Deck (PowerPoint)


For Managers

Engagement Glossary of Terms (PDF)

Navigation and Exports for Managers (PDF)

Summary Page for Managers (PDF, Video)

Strengths and Concerns for Managers (PDF, Video)

Item Details for Managers (PDF, Video)

Creating an Improvement Plan for Managers (PDF, Video)

Navigating Improvement Plans for Managers (PDF)

Snapshot Export (PDF)


For Physicians:

Engagement Glossary of Terms (PDF)

Navigation and Exports for Physicians (PDF)

Summary Page for Physicians (PDF, Video)

Strengths and Concerns for Physicians (PDF, Video)

Item Details for Physicians (PDF, Video)

Creating an Improvement Plan for Physicians (PDF, Video)

Navigating Improvement Plans for Physicians (PDF)

Snapshot Export (PDF)


Press Ganey/UAMS Manager Improvement Planning Tools (2020)

Manager Guide to Reviewing Survey Results Key Metrics (PDF)

Manager Results Overview Template (PDF)

Manager Script for Sharing Results (PDF)

Writing an Improvement Plan (PDF)


Team Brainstorming Ideas

One on One Exercise (Video)

Stop Start Continue Exercise (Video)

Visioning Exercise (Video)


Previous Employee Engagement (2018) Resources

Managers Guide to Engaging Staff (Old Advisory Board Material) (PDF)

UAMS Engagement Results Presentation (9/4/2018) (PowerPoint)

Employee Engagement Survey Viewing and Action Planning Instructions (Advisory Board) (PDF)

UAMS Employee Engagement Action Planning Workbook (Advisory Board) (PDF)


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