DDI Courses

DDI Interaction Management courses are designed to develop interpersonal and leadership skills through behavior modeling and practice. Forty plus years of research has proven their ability to increase employee engagement, productivity, quality of work and decreased turnover. OD consultants, certified in facilitating this platform of courses, offer the following:

Courses for Managers:

  • Communicating for Leadership Success*
  • Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict

Courses for all employees:

  • Taking the H.E.A.T.
  • High Performing Teams

Please use My Compass to register for these courses.  All DDI courses are scheduled for 2 hours.

Please contact us at or 526-6494 for more information about DDI courses.

*Communicating for Leadership Success is a prerequisite for Building and Sustaining Trust and Resolving Workplace Conflict
Date Time Course
Tues. Jan 23 10am-noon Communicating for Leadership Success
Tues. Jan 30 1pm-3pm Building and Sustaining Trust
Wed. Jan 31 12PM-2PM Resolving Workplace Conflict
Wed. Feb 7 1pm-3pm High Performing Teams
Wed. Feb 21 12pm-2pm Taking the Heat
Tues. March 6 10am-noon Building and Sustaining Trust
Wed. March 28 9am-11am Communicating For Leadership Success
Thr. March 29 1pm-3pm Resolving Workplace Conflict
Wed. April 11 10am-noon High Performing Teams
Tues. April 24 1pm-3pm Taking the Heat