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Welcome to the website for the new UAMS talent management system, My Compass, which will serve all of UAMS incorporating recruiting and onboarding, a learning management system, performance management, compensation planning, and succession planning into one system. This system will replace and enhance many processes that are currently being handled by SAP, Training Tracker and ESS.  On this page you will find updates, training dates, training manuals, and valuable links.  For questions please contact the Office of Human Resources at 501-686-5650 or via email at

January 2017
October 2016

Training Tracker – Click Here to Register for Upcoming Training


Manuals for Hiring Managers

Quick Reference Guide – LMS One Page Guide
My Compass Training Manual
Recruitment My Compass Training Manual– Training Manual
Recruitment – One Page Step by Step Guide for Recruitment
Onboarding – MANUAL (Step by Step Guide to Monitor Onboarding Progress)
Onboarding – One Page Step by Step Guide to Monitor Onboarding Progress
How to Create a Non-Employee

Process Changes Overview

My Compass Learner’s Detailed Guide – New!

How to Disable Pop-Up Blockers
How to Enable Pop-Ups (Chrome)