Principles of a Recognition Plan

Before developing any recognition plan, certain key principles should be evaluated and reviewed related to retaining key people. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you begin planning your award.

  • For any reward system to have an impact on performance, it must be part of a work environment that’s rewarding as a whole.
  • Keep in mind generational differences and develop a program with broad appeal.
  • Use position titles or functional roles rather than the names of specific individuals in assigning tasks in the recognition program.
  • Reward people by allowing them to get involved. Encouraging them to make decision increases the likelihood of compliance with your requests. Can they help design the plan?
  • Find ways to make people feel important and appreciated. Have several plans to include “on the spot” recognition, as well as a more formalized plan.
  • Teach your managers how to nurture employee loyalty. Be a good listener. Ask your managers to attend development classes on effective listening and having crucial conversations.
  • When people are free to laugh, they begin to relax. And they begin to care. Laughter fuels creativity so people can perform at their best.
  • The department award must represent the overall theme of the recognition program, “We create Comfort, Hope and Healing for our Patients and Families.”
  • All recognition must support the Circle of Excellence and the mission and values of UAMS
  • When possible, judging and selection should be conducted by a panel of employees who have previously been recognized and department managers.
  • Employees should be recognized for demonstrating a commitment to the UAMS Service Standards of safety, respect, excellence, image and efficiency in performing their job.
  • An employee may be recognized for a commitment to a single service standard or several.
  • Documented eligibility criteria including ineligibility for written disciplinary action should be provided to all employees.
  • All employees should be provided with clear instructions for the nomination process, including forms and sample narrative sections
  • Rewards should be presented at regularly scheduled intervals such as monthly or quarterly

Recognition Communication Plan

Discuss the following points with your division or department when introducing your new plan:

  • What types of behavior will be recognized?
  • Who participated in development of the plan?
  • Explain who is eligible to win the award
  • How often will the award be given?
  • Explain the criteria and the service theme.
  • Explain how to nominate a coworker
  • Provide examples of what you are looking for in the nomination process
  • Who will judge the nominations?
  • What will honorees receive and how will they be honored?