Position Management Process

What is the Position Management Process?

The Position Management Process was created to ensure UAMS is compliant with Board of Trustees policy 370.1, which states “controls must include positions control, which is a part of the personnel budget process”.  It will also ensure UAMS maintains effective control over campus-wide compensation spending in order to adhere to our FY 2019 balanced budget.  It will cover requests for new allocations, efficiencies related to FTEs, staffing plans to support new contracts and grants, and departmental reorganizations and restructures.  In essence, every position will need to be supported by a unique position number and budget.

UAMS headcount is determined by our Appropriation Bill as it has been approved by the Arkansas Legislature.  This Process ensures that we stay within our legally defined limits: adjustment to any positions are done within the guidance and processes defined by the Legislature and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.  This Process will also ensure defined efficiencies are maintained and that UAMS leadership will be fully informed of our headcount and compensation expenditures.


It is important to note that this Process is a tool to assist departments in operating within their budget constraints.  Irrespective of the Position Management Process, Divisional Budget Administrators are responsible for keeping compensation expenses within their authorized salary budget throughout the fiscal year.

Many of you are familiar with My Compass.  We will be using the My Compass tool to manage the workflows associated with all of your position related requests.  This will maintain an audit history of the work done on each request and also provide you with a single location to check the current assignment of your request.  All clarification communication will be housed within the approval flow in My Compass rather than using email, phone calls and IM.

Helpful Documents

Below you will find links to helpful documents.  Included in these documents are process definition, instructions documents and process flows.  Please make sure you check back for updates to documents.  These are all living documents and as we learn from our new process, we will refine it and update the documents.

Business Case Template 08012018

FY19 Position Management Process

Instructions for Hiring Budgeted Positions

Instructions for Creating Executive Committee Requests

Position Management FAQs

ZPBC for Position Lookup Instructions

Position Management Process Flow

Compensation and Classification Town Hall September 2018