Administrative Guide – New or Recently Updated

Policy Number Policy Name/Link Synopsis of Changes
February  2014    
3.1.02 Inclement Weather Policy Includes edits from December related to non-essential areas closed and leave time as well as addressing student issues and edits to make the policy clearer.
3.2.01 Record Retention New Policy
Academic Affairs    
12.2.01 Use of Conference Room Facilities  Updated names, terms and contact numbers to reflect reorganizations and to update from the original 1994 version.  Added event approval process for external groups.  Added Scope statement to meet formatting standards for current policies. NOTE – This policy was moved from 12.4.01 to this new number and moved to section 12.2, which was renamed Teaching and Learning Support.  This section of the Admin Guide is being reviewed with many out of date, unnecessary policies (commonly due to the fact they are services, not policies) being deleted and the section being rearranged to properly reflect the current organization.
12.2.02 Instructional Equipment Repair Updated names, terms and contact numbers to reflect reorganizations and to update from the original 1994 version.  Added Scope and Policy statements to meet formatting standards for current policies.
Communications & Marketing    
13.1.01 UAMS Communications Guidelines Minor changes to include the addition of digital signs on campus and social media added as a communication tool that is to be cleared through the Office of Communications and Marketing.
March 2014    
1.1.01 Campus Policy Development Process Added Scope; added language to allow review of slight edits to go directly to Administrative Guide Committee; deleted VC for Administration as member of Admin Guide Committee and added Chief of Staff and representative from General Counsel’s office; edited explanation of Procedures section in the Appendix 
3.1.19 Faxing of Protected Health Information or Other Confidential Information Annual review and update of policy – one change was to add sentence under Procedure 3, confidentiality language: “Alternate language may be used with approval from the HIPAA Office.” 
Information Technology    
7.3.03 Computer Device Custodial Practices Annual review and update of policy – Deleted reference to policy that was recently deleted (7.3.10 Encryption Policy) and added information related to reporting lost or stolen items in Procedure 8. 
Campus Operations    
11.4.32 Investigational Laser User Privileges New policy. This policy outlines the approval policy for individuals who seek to use lasers for investigational purposes.  Lasers classified as Class IIIB or Class IV lasers have the potential of doing harm to operators and those around them.  Several organizations outline procedures to be followed in use of these lasers.  The organizations include the American National Standards Institute (ANSI); the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); and the Council of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD). 
Academic Affairs    
12.5.02 Mediation Policy for Faculty New policy to create formal process for mediating issues among faculty members. 

Updated March 21, 2014

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