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January 2015















Gifts and Sponsored Awards: Classification and Administration 














NEW POLICY:  The policy assists UAMS employees in determining whether an award of private source external funding from a corporation or foundation is a gift or a sponsored award.  The policy clarifies that a “grant” can be gift or a sponsored award.  The determination of whether funding from a corporation/foundation is a gift or sponsored award is important for the following reasons:  a. For appropriate compliance with applicable laws and with the terms and conditions of agreement accompanying the gift or sponsored award; b. Because approval, financial reporting, budgeting and agreement practices differ depending on whether funds are categorized as a gift or a sponsored award;  c. To ensure that the appropriate UAMS division, office or department provides administrative oversight of the receipt and use of the funds.
The processes and procedures for individuals submitting grant proposals will not change. 







Updated 1/15/15
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