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Policy Number Policy Name/Link Synopsis of Changes

January 2015
16.1.20 Gifts and Sponsored Awards: Classification and Administration NEW POLICY:  The policy assists UAMS employees in determining whether an award of private source external funding from a corporation or foundation is a gift or a sponsored award.  The policy clarifies that a “grant” can be gift or a sponsored award.  The determination of whether funding from a corporation/foundation is a gift or sponsored award is important for the following reasons:  a. For appropriate compliance with applicable laws and with the terms and conditions of agreement accompanying the gift or sponsored award; b. Because approval, financial reporting, budgeting and agreement practices differ depending on whether funds are categorized as a gift or a sponsored award;  c. To ensure that the appropriate UAMS division, office or department provides administrative oversight of the receipt and use of the funds.
The processes and procedures for individuals submitting grant proposals will not change.
April 2015
Human Resources
4.8.03 UAMS ERP Systems User Security Access and Annual Review Process NEW POLICY: Created in response to the FY2014 External Audit Findings (PWC)
16.1.07 The Committee on Clinical Research This revision is in response to the members of Committee on Clinical Research seeing a need to repurpose the committee in order to enhance functionality.  This will be especially important as we move forward and receive the competing renewal of the CTSA, where good communication and cooperation across the entities will be vital to the CTSA mission. This was not due to any changes in policies or laws.
May 2015
3.1.40 Authorized Remote Use of Confidential Information (name change) Change name from “Employees Authorized to Work at Home” to more accurately explain purpose of policy; updated definition of PHI to be consistent with 2014 version of the term; a form is referenced in the policy and the policy language was revised to provide clarification related to the form and reference the policy that governs the use of such form; and reformatted numbering of the policy sections and subsections.
Human Resources  
4.4.17 Redeployment Policy This represents a revision of an existing policy.  It removes language regarding reduction-in-force, which will be included in a new reduction-force policy.  It also updates the language regarding discriminatory practices to mirror the language used in our Anti-Discrimination policy, adds language indicating our compliance with the Arkansas Veterans’ Preference Act, and adds veteran status and disability status as two additional criteria to include in the spreadsheet departments are required to create that lists all existing employees in similar jobs that may be affected by a redeployment.
4.4.20 Reduction in Force NEW POLICY.  It is the result of removing language regarding reduction-in-force from the Redeployment policy.  It includes language regarding discriminatory practices that mirrors the language of our Anti-Discrimination policy and language indicating our compliance with the Arkansas Veterans’ Preference Act. 
Support Services    
5.1.19 P-Card Procurement NEW POLICYTo put into policy detailed instructions on the P-Card Process. 
5.1.20 SAP MRBR Resolution (Receiving) NEW POLICY:   From Internal Audit (Procurement) recommendation (January 2015) findings: Issue #4  “Vendors are not paid in a timely manner, which may result in late fee and interest payment charges along with added administrative costs related to working with vendor personnel to resolve these issues”. “Procurement Services is responsible for monitoring the “blocked invoice” report on a daily basis and contacting the department requisitioner or vendor to clear the discrepancy so the invoice and payment can be processed”.   Recommendation:  Items on the blocked invoice report should be resolved timely. 




Updated 5/7/15

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