Tobacco Cessation Programs

Research shows that the best way for people to quit smoking is through evidence-based smoking cessation programs. In order to expand cessation program use and ultimately decrease tobacco use, several programs that provide tobacco cessation services or one-on-one counseling are available, many available right here at UAMS!

  • Tobacco-free 4 Life Program
    Free of charge through your UA medical insurance.  Visit your in-network primary care physician for tobacco assistance at no cost (limited to 2 visits per year).  You can receive Chantix, nicotine patches or nicotine gum by prescription.  Phone # is wrong on the brochure, instead call UMR at 866-575-2540.
  • Personalized One-to-One Consultations
    UAMS Tobacco Treatment Specialists (TTS) are available for individual consultations for employees.   Call 501-526-5448 and leave your name and call back number.  A TTS will contact you within within 3 business days.  What the TTS will do:

– Gather information about your tobacco history and daily use
– Provide information about cessation meds/nicotine replacement products
– Facilitate the issuance of prescriptions through your PCP
– Help you identify ways to reduce triggers that motivate the desire to smoke
– Help you develop strategies to change daily routines to break the tobacco habit
– Provide a written quit plan to guide the cessation process
– Provide follow-up counseling in person or by phone for duration of cessation plan
– Provide Certificate of Enrollment if needed to satisfy UA Tobacco Pledge requirement

  • UAMS Tobacco Cessation Group Class – offered as needed
    Enroll by calling 501-526-5448 and leave your name and call back number.

– Attendance required for 4 classes
– Minimum of 2 participants required
– Group led by UAMS Tobacco Treatment Specialist
– Assistance with issuance of prescriptions through your PCP
– Quit plan provided to guide the cessation process
– Certification of Completion provided

  • UAMS Freedom from Smoking Support Group
    Free to employee and located on campus.  Participants receive one-on-one support, hear first-hand stories from former smokers, and get information on nicotine replacement therapies, healthy eating habits and stress management.  The groups are led by Pat Franklin, A.P.R.N., and a certified tobacco cessation specialist. Contact Pat Franklin at 501-944-5934 or
  • Other resources:

The Pat Walker Center (Fayetteville campus)
UA Little Rock Health Services Center
The National Cancer Institute Quitline
The American Cancer Society Quit for Life
– 1-800-Quit Now, Arkansas Tobacco Quitline
The American Lung Association – Freedom from Smoking
Arkansas Stamp Out Smoking