Communications to Departmental HR

March 2015
Inclement Weather Scenarios, How to Pay Employees

December 2014
Information on Salary Increases

November 2014
2015 Benefit Tax Changes

September 2014
Arkansas Veterans Preference Law Compliance Procedures
Veterans Preference Procedure

July 2014
Credentials on Name Badges
New Wellness Program, Aug 1-Oct 17

June 2014
Orientation and Benefits for Summer Hires
HR/SAP Fiscal Year Update – Previously Known as July Load

March 2014
Introducing the New Jobs Website

January 2014
Non Employee Cleanup, form
Compliance Posters Notice

December 2013
2014 Benefit Tax Changes
1-1-2014 UA Retirement Plan Vesting Change

November 2013
Open Enrollment Nov 13-Dec 13

October 2013
Terminations and New Performance Report
Performance Evaluation Report – SAP ZHRSCORESUM 
Initiating the FMLA Process

Human Capital Committee Update

September 2013

Sept 16 Legal Notices mailed to all employees:

Cover letter explaining the attachments
Letter:   individual mandate for everyone to have health insurance in 2014
Notice:  New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage
Notice:  Medicare  Part D Creditable Coverage
Notice:  Notice of Privacy Practices
Notice:  Premium Assistance under Medicaid and CHIP
Notice:  Drug Free Schools and Communities Act

Workers Compensation Update Effective October 1, 2013

August 2013
Human Capital Committee Announcement
August Training Opportunities

July 2013
New Employee Orientation
Affordable Care Act Impact on Our Health Care

May 2013
FY 2014 Salary Raises
No-Benefit Audit
Compliance Posters Notice

April 2013
Immigration Transition

February 2013
Independent Financial Advisors (attachment)
New HR Reports
(Performance Manual, Non-Employee Manual)
Changes to PAR and Hire Workflow 

January 2013
SAP and procedure updates (attachment 1, attachment 2)
Online application system down for 2 weeks

December 2012
2013 benefit tax changes
Final New Employee Orientation in 2012
Benefits Open Enrollment (attachment)