This information is to provide you with a quick reference to policies and practices at UAMS. Use these resources to guide you when faced with questions. Please call the Office of Human Resources at 686-5650 if you need additional information.

Policies & Guidelines

Compliance 360
Click here to access policies and procedures moved onto Compliance 360.  –  The new software application for managing all UAMS policies, Compliance 360, is live for the first groups of policies – including all Administrative Guide and Medical Center policies and procedures. A new Inside UAMS Policies intranet page was created as the new home for policies online. Starting Oct. 30, the most current policy versions for the first groups on Compliance 360 can be accessed from the Inside UAMS Policies page.

Employee Handbook
The employee handbook is designed to provide you with valuable information about the practices, policies, responsibilities and benefits you have as an employee at UAMS.

Administrative Guide – Provides access to the online UAMS Administrative Guide.

UAMS Administrative Guide New or Recently Updated

Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration – Office of Personnel Management – Policy & Procedures

Campus Safety Manual

Faculty Resource Site

Academic Affairs Policies


Medical Center

Policies & Procedures – Provides access to hospital policies and practices for Clinical Programs and employees only at UAMS.

Nursing Manual – This manual of policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines for the Professional Nursing Organization is reviewed and revised annually by the Policy Committee and the Standards of Practice Council with final approval by the Executive Council.

Salary Guidelines

U of A Board Policies
Provides access to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy Statements.

Infection Control Manuals